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Grooming The Havanese
Origin and History

The Havanese....from Havana, Cuba

The Bichon Habanese dog is thriving in Habana Cuba, not only as a companion to any dog loving family, but as a pure breed dog represented in many competitions in the island and abroad.   We invite you to read the following pages:



Kennel "Ay Compadre"

 The Federación Cinológica Cubana follows the standard for the Bichon Habanese breed established by the Federation Cynologique Internationale, in Belgium.  The Kennel "Ay Compadre" has been in operations since 1997,  raising champions of the International Canine Expositions in Cuba.  Get to know least by our pictures.

Origins and History

Grooming Technique

The Bichon Havanese has a colorful origin and history, as warm and thrilling as its island home.



The care of a Havanese can be challenging, but the rewards are worth the effort.  Learn from the owner of Kennel "Ay Compadre" how to give your Havanese the grooming it deserves.