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Grooming The Havanese
Origin and History

Kennel "Ay Compadre"



For many years the first Havanese of the Kennel were males. The fundamental work of the lineage was developed with the dogs from the kennel "Oye Chico". In may of 1997 the first Havanese was acquired, Picaro Bebe, who was a Cuban champion the next year.


At the end of 1997 we acquired Zafiro, from a totally fresh blood line, and from the same kennel "Oye Chico".





Lastly we acquired Papa Montero in 1999, a Havanese that earns the Best of the Breed in two consecutive days at the International Canine Expo in Cuba during the spring of 2001. At this Expo he also became Cuban Champion, Grand Champion and International Champion.




Papa Montero


From this point on we started the search for a female from whom we will obtain the first brood of our kennel. We worked with female dogs of other kennels to bring about a brood from which to select our first female Havanese, Hila, from the kennel "Cubita Blanca", daughter of Oye Chico Zafiro.

Hila is today the winner of Best in Show and Best of Breed for the Spring International Expo in Cuba, on April 2003, and for the Winter International Expo in Cuba, on November 2003.  For a view of Pictures of the Competition go to Best In Show.



Hila Cubita Blanca



The new female in the Kennel is Bebe Vigorosa.  She has participated in the Winter International Expo of November 2003,in Cuba and has earned CACC (Certificate of Aptitud from the Cuban Championship).



Bebe Vigorosa